Cell Fractionation — The Isolation of Pure Fractions of Cells

Cell fractionation is the isolation of pure fractions of cells or organelles like nuclei, mitochondria, chloroplast, golgi bodies, ribosomes, lysosomes, etc. can be done.


  1. Homogenization
  2. Filtration
  3. Centrifugation
  4. Collection

The phenomenon of centrifugation has played a significant role in cell fractionation. The cells or tissues are ground up, homogenized in sucrose solution, and then centrifuged.

Cell fractionation steps and involved procedures
Cell fractionation steps and involved procedures

The successive centrifugation of the resulting homogenate produces fractions depending upon their weight and size.

This method of separating the cellular components by centrifugation is called differential centrifugation.

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