Bio CNG Plants Will Be Set Up In 75 Cities of The Country: PM Modi

On Saturday 19 Feb 2022, Prime Minister Modi virtually inaugurated Asia’s largest bio mechanization plant in Indore.

PM Modi: Millions of tons of garbage in cities across the country, thousands of acres of land have been occupied for decades.

It is also a major reason for the diseases caused by air pollution and water pollution for the cities.

Therefore work is being done to deal with this problem in the second phase of the Swachh Bharat Mission.

He said that bio-mechanization of gas from wet waste, made as to the biggest waste-to-energy project in Indore, would be implemented in 75 more cities of the country.

In this Bio-CNG plant spread over 15 acres, a total of 17500 kg bio-CNG will be produced from 550 tonnes of wet waste. It cost Rs 150 crore and construction was started in August 2020. 100 tonnes of manure will be ready daily.

The slurry will be prepared for making CNG by harvesting 600 tonnes per day of wet waste. The slurry will be put in 4 digestors, which will prepare biogas. At present, bio-CNG gas is being prepared by putting wet waste in two digesters of 250-ton capacity.

Culture is being prepared in the other two digesters, in which the production of bio-CNG will be started by putting wet waste at the beginning of March. Total 65 employees will work here and work will be done in two shifts.

400 buses will run from the gas produced from this plant in Indore.


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