[Updated] Date Sheet and Venue of The Conference of Parties (COP)

Important dates for conferences held on environment-related issues.

*COP – Conference of Parties

Conference of parties – 27 (COP-27) related to climate change named Sharm el-Sheikh conference is going to be hosted by the government of Egypt between Sun, 6 Nov 2022 – Fri, 18 Nov 2022.

27.COP-27Sun, 6 November 2022 – Fri, 18 November 2022Egypt
26.COP-269-19 November 2020 rescheduled to 31 October -12 November 2021Glasgow, United Kingdom of Great Britain, and Northern Ireland
25.COP-25December 2019Madrid, Spain
24.COP-24December 2018Katowice, Poland
23.COP-236 November – 17 November -2017Bonn, Germany
22.COP-227 November – 18 November – 2016Marrakesh, Morocco
21.COP-2130 November – 11 December – 2015Paris, France
20.COP-2012 December – 2014Lima, Peru
19.COP-1922 November – 2013Warsaw, Poland
18.COP-1826 November – 7 December- 2012Doha, Qatar
17.COP-1728 November – 9 December – 2011Durban, South Africa
16.COP-16December 2010Cancun, Mexico
15.COP-15December 2009Copenhagen, Denmark
14.COP-14December 2008Poznan, Poland
13.COP-13December 2007Bali, Indonesia
12.COP-12November 2006Nairobi, Kenya
11.COP-11December 2005Montreal, Canada (Implemented the Kyoto Protocol)
10.COP-10December 2004Buenos Aires, Argentina
9.COP-9December 2003Milan, Italy
8.COP-8October 2002New Delhi, India
7.COP-7November 2001Marrakesh, Morocco
6.COP-6November 2000Hague, Netherland
5.COP-5October 1999Bonn, Germany
4.COP-4November 1998Buenos Aires, Argentina
3.COP-3December 1997Kyoto, Japan (Adopted Kyoto Protocol)
2.COP-2July 1997Geneva, Swiss
1.COP-1March 1995Berlin, Germany
List of dates of UN Conference of Parties (COP)

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